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  • Two Operations - How do we want to handle them both being available at once? At least there's no boss skipping this time.
  • Verification - Screenshots going to be required, UTC clock required also or just a penalty for not providing one?
  • Deterioration - How fast do we want the points to deteriorate after the first kill? By time is better than by number of kills but do we want it to be linear or a curve (steep initially and shallow later).
  • Bonuses - For top 3 kills on any boss providing a bonus, do we want this if so how big?
  • Boss Weighting - More emphasis on later bosses or even throughout?
Treating this as if it was Nightmare tracking (so that the same discussion isn't required for that). Personally I don't really think HM is worth the effort of tracking but respect your wish to do so.

Two Operations - Count the instances separately that way if someone misses out on Fortress they can pull it back on Palace etc.. keeps the pressure up for those who have done Fortress etc..

Verification - If people want to contribute to the thread they should do the screenshots as required. Should be required (if only to make your life easier :P)

Deterioration - imo only the last boss in each instance should count with a simple list of top 10 on the other bosses. Title claims should be listed separately.

Bonuses - If going with the previous points decay over time for every single boss, don't add bonuses imo the only thing I would probs want added is week bonus if the points system was in place.

Boss Weighting - As above imo only the last boss should be counted. By design if the is a 'blocker' boss like DG NiM the guild that kills it first will most likely get to and kill the last boss first too.

Stream and Kill video release - Personally I'm happy with releasing vids as soon as the kill happens. However we saw some complaints last time where people were unhappy that certain tactics were leaked via streams / people didn't want to stream or release a vid in case this affected results (with the point decay system) . Might want to consider some 'rules' as to this if we don't want a repeat of the problem.
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