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09.21.2013 , 05:17 PM | #173
I've completed my application and have been recruited to the guild. I'm happy to have done it. I second all the above positive remarks. There were thought provoking and imaginative questions given. They're wonderful to game with.

The only criticism I would give would be that sometimes I would spend considerable amount of time thinking through and typing a reply to a question, or sometimes I would reply with questions for clarification, but receive no feedback. When there is dialog or basic feedback and appreciation of effort, it feels more communal and in the spirit of the guild. When effort is returned with silence it feels a little more cold and distant, or like an extended job interview when you anxiously and futilely wonder what's in the head of the questioner. This does not make me think less of the individual guildmates, who are lovely folk, but may be something to consider for the process. Cheers.