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Wait, WHAT? Why did we not start with this clue?!

edit: oh, and lukewaldo: No, we are not friends. And I do not lie.
We were friends, for a year, and I swear I know there is something your not telling me. Like I said, I'm just a player who wants to help find out about the Queen of Sands and Sandclaw. You, Anysao, told me about this before. I got interested and started to look into it. And remember Asbjorn, who is a friend to me as you know, said he'd invite me to Ops, and even the Queen of Sands/Sandclaw if you were to ever get it spawned. I remember those good times... when we were friends. Look, I do not want to bring this: 1. On to the forums. 2.Into public. If were going to discuss this it better be on live game in /whisper. Because from now on after this I'm not responding to you on the forums and just paying attention to others on this Thread. Look, I still want to be friends with you. I will respond only if its something that bugs me.