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So we pretty much have both kind of players here: those who want to race to the finish to focus on the end game and those who want to take their time to smell the flowers along the way.

Since progress is a personal thing why not allow for different leveling paces? Let the end-game players (Raiders, PvPers) get to 50 asap whitout being annoyed by missions and story while the completists can slow down the progress and enjoy the scenery.

I dont see how it cant make everyone happy. The game already has custom gear, lets have costom progress too. Choose between XP or extra commendations as a reward = doesnt encourage gold farmers.

My opinion
I apply self control and don't do everything because it's there. This time I'm doing just story lines and space combat, next time I'll have a Sith who will do Story line and pvp. If you want to do everything you can. If you want to do certain parts you can. You can level up to 50 solo if you want.

This is the most flexible game I've played in a long time. Also, no matter what, there will always be someone to complain about something. Like a friend of mine once said, if you give away gold bricks some people will complain how heavy they are.
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