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2) You expect 10+ guilds to go 10/10 on day one? Correct me wrong but only guilds I saw that tested were DnT/DILIH/Sucka/SG so clearing day one 10/10 need for second day????
We acutally tested alot, too. And i think some other guilds on other server. So...

Quote: Originally Posted by FlyinSpaghetti View Post
First decent pugs will 8/10, all people will basically be tracking here is who got into the instance first.
Thats correct, but i think it will be 10/10 on the first day.

Quote: Originally Posted by JDotter View Post
Anyhow sorry for being a ******e wasn't intended just don't like when people **** on something someone does for the community when they are looking for suggestions/ways to improve the system

Ye, thats the point. cheers.
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