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09.20.2013 , 12:40 PM | #10
I don't know what justification there may be to explain the obvious similarities. But the question that should be asked falls outside the realm of the lore, I think. The question that should be asked is this: Should the tech look like what it did in the Trilogies (do not twist it around, we all know why BioWare chose to make it alike).

I think the answer to that question is no. Because the Pub troopers look like Clone Troopers, the Imp troopers look like Stormies, the Mandalorians look like Boba/Jango Fett, there are droidekas, Imperial craft all looks like Sidious' empire, and the Pub starships look like the Rebel ones. Some similarity would be very much welcome. But all of it, made to look like it was in the Trilogies? Takes credibility away.