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I think it's good to track, you never know how difficult an instance will be until it goes live. As a 16man community, I think we've always done a good job of rising above the bickering and boasting, so I don't forsee any of the current guilds making a big fuss out of firsts. I'd say after 10 clears, we can totally stop tracking progression on any given tier.

About changes to the way it works, math in spreadsheet or rules, I'm happy with the current system, I think it works well for very different instances that come out, HM or NiM. I definitely liked the discussions that were had with the entire community pre-2.0, so if changes are being considered, I'd suggest pulling everyone together for a 16man community conversation.

Something that hasn't been specified for this tier elsewhere: I'm assuming the current rule is that you cannot skip bosses within an instance and claim kills, but doing a few in HM DF, and then a few in HM DP would be legal.

Good luck to everyone, hopefully this HM tier allows more guilds to participate in 16 and then stay on for the next NiM tier.
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