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I have already spent countless hours on thinking, searching and rambling - now reconsidering that the Tome would actually have a purpose in the current live client - let's recap which mechanics we have seen so far.

  • Activating different Items to trigger sth.
  • Clicking on objects to activate sth. (encounters, events, etc.)
  • Gathering buffs, moving to certain areas, clicking on objects with certain items in inventory

These are the ones that come to my mind.
So some of the "secret" stuff so far (like e.g. the fleet datacrons) took place on a rather small area, whereas the Magenta-Crystal-secret actually makes you travel across 3 planets and in the end spawns a "Boss" by interacting with sth. And the Magenta-Crystal-secret is probably the best reference considering to "how far we should go" - Shockfrozen water actually spawns a force ghost? Pretty far fetched, imo.
So what i haven't read in the posts is actually some more details about the Outlaws Den, which i would like to share.

  • The "Auction House" (Tome) Building has actually 8 round lights on its entrance, probably a hint to the need of an 8man raid group (lvl 50)
  • It kinda looks similar to Jabba the Hutts palace
  • Only one of the three smaller buildings spread across the area (the one north) has a lightbulb or sth. in it
  • This building has also some kind of panel attached to it, but i couldn't find a way to click/activate it

So probably my best guess - and i only tell you because i slowly run out of Motivation and ideas - is my lovely, super -suspicious well fed womp rat.

  • It's lvl 50
  • Only moves when a player gets closer than ~ 73,3m (which could be to indicate the presence of other Players)
  • It's path actually leads you to each vendor
  • The vendor buffs can be applied on the rat too (which could be a bug), and there is enough time to apply all 3 of them and have the rat move back to the center

Talking about the "Ultimate PvP Boss", defending/fighting for control of the rat and the vendors would be quite a PvP Task, considering their long respawn timers. But I have watched the rat for hours now, hugged that damn thing, tried to feed it, even tried to get it close to the Tome with all buffs on me and on it - no results. So probably sb. else has more time to take care of that ugly creature. Maybe there's an Rakatan device or sth. idk. of that transforms it, maybe the Tome itself is that device. But that are just my thoughts on it, maybe I'm completely off track
And a Dev/BW - response of some kind, whether it is currently ingame or not, would be freakin awesome at this point.