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Next Week's Planned Updates:
  • Introduce User Registration
  • Offer an API for using our guild directory

A note on User Registration -
We will be deploying the web based registration and a few days after you will see an update for the client. Registering will allow you to add your characters to a guild, provide more information about your guild (say you want to add or remove certain information.. we will try our best to verify all edits), get updates sent to your email about any new program updates (optional), and more!

A note on OpenGuildDatabase
As we grow our database, we know some websites may want to use our directory as a way to allow for searching, linking characters to a guild, etc. We also know that the guilds we have had contact us want to make sure their information is correct and not altered. We will only be releasing the API through a secure process requiring the party wanting to have access to our database fill out a request form.

This request form will require information such as: Intended Use; Website; Link(s) to pages that will/may connect to our API; Owner of Website - we will also have a terms of use and require that all information pulled from our database is not altered in anyway. This form will be sent to use via email and we will manually process the requests. If a request is granted, we will email the contact with their websites own key to connect to our database, as well as references to how we have our API currently set up. If a request is denied, we will give reason to why it was denied and you will have you wait a week (7 days) before you can resubmit a request. That being said, please fill out our API request form to the fullest.

Wait, I do not want my guild in the API!
We understand why some guild may not want to be included in our API database, however we ensure you that if your guild's information is improperly modified via the recipients website, we will deny them access to the database and remove all API keys they may have. It is important to note that NO ONE can change the information in OUR database unless the person who SUBMITTED the edits was the first person who contacted us - else we double check with human verification before we make any type of edit. If you wish to be removed from our API database, you will need to contact us at with your guild's name, your name, and why you wish it to be removed. We will attempt to verify your identity as either the guild leader or an officer of the guild.

TLDR; no one can change your guild's data' - being in the API database means more ways of gamers to find your guild!

MORE INFO TO COME! - Character Armory and More | Guild: The Army of Light

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