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09.20.2013 , 12:21 AM | #860
Just got out of an interesting one.

So I'm on quesh on my commando, I've been leveling DPS for quests while going heals for FPs. I get a queue pop, I respec heals, get into colocoid. "No problem", I think, "people always panic when this pops but I've never had an issue with it. I got this in the bag."

I see the tank (guardian) is having some problem with his gun, so I help him out. No biggie. People seem to have problems with the colocoid gimmicks, I'm more than willing to go above and beyond to get through a group finder run.

We finish the gun part smoothly and onto the first pull. The tank jumps in and starts taking heavy damage. I heal my little heart out but am surprised to see aggro on me. I blow reactive shield and diversion but it doesn't do anything (In hindsight, I forgot to hit adrenaline rush but I doubt it would have done anything but delay the inevitable). I die and the group wipes.

I let the tank know that he needs to hit all the mobs to establish himself on their threat table so I don't immediately get them. He doesn't say anything, just jumps in again. This time I'm prepared and preemptively drop threat after hitting my supercharge and blowing my load to keep us up (and hopefully keep us both up better). Once again, tank doesn't even attempt to try and hold aggro, and I also notice that the rest of the group doesn't seem to understand how these mobs work (they go immune to damage and you have to switch targets). I end up grabbing threat YET AGAIN and wiping. At this point I'm beyond baffled as to what's going wrong. It's not like I don't know how to commando heal. I've been doing it without a hitch for nearly 40 levels. I'm obviously not the best commando ever, but I'm far from the worst. The tank is clearly having threat issues which is just as baffling to me as I have never seen a guardian with a threat problem this bad. I check his stance. Yep, he's in tank stance so I have no idea what's going on. I half expect him to throw a guard on me at this point (lol guarding heals) but nope. Nobody gets the guard, I suppose.

I inform the group of what they need to do for this pull, and in addition I get ready to CC since I don't particularly want to die from a stray mob again. IMMEDIATELY after I CC, the shadow dps (who is in the tank's guild) does his knockback and breaks it, sending it immediately running to me again. To make matters worse, the other dps has d/c'd (he was complaining of lag earlier). Now we have one rubbish dps and one rubbish tank and I'm trying to keep all of us up. I run myself out of ammo despite my best efforts and we wipe.

At this point, the tank leaves. I say "lol garbage tank" and the shadow dps tells me that I couldn't heal my way out of a paper bag. At this point I laugh because they're both part of an awful pub-side PvP guild, so I just drop group and go back to questing on quesh. Took my dragonslayer/from beyond titles and my ball and went home

Oh well. Can't carry 'em all.
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