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If I'm not wrong, Mudclot (Casual?) have all their games from PTS in his stream:

Mega Nubz (DRAMA) vs Team Canada / USA (Kingclot Cleave)

Scrizubs.. i mean DRAMA vs Under powered sorcs #4 RNG win GG BIOfail

Noobs... i mean DRAMA vs Under Powered Sorcs #2 and #3 LOLZ!

DRAMA vs Under Powered Sorcs #1

Even the one their lost if I'm not wrong. But, they said they lost because:

What I don't know if is true or not, is this:

And here's the original post:

A lot of "trash talk" in that thread btw.

Kind regards.
Well, that lighting sorcerer setup was the hardcounter to DRAMA's setup... But you're right, the bigmouthed DRAMA aren't the best.
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