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Overall PTS W/L 143/6, 4 of them were from that team with the 2 lightning sorcs. (thou last games we beat them but they deleted that from their stream)
If I'm not wrong, Mudclot (Casual?) have all their games from PTS in his stream:

Mega Nubz (DRAMA) vs Team Canada / USA (Kingclot Cleave)

Scrizubs.. i mean DRAMA vs Under powered sorcs #4 RNG win GG BIOfail

Noobs... i mean DRAMA vs Under Powered Sorcs #2 and #3 LOLZ!

DRAMA vs Under Powered Sorcs #1

Even the one their lost if I'm not wrong. But, they said they lost because:

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You mean the team that jonie and I beat with two pugs 4 times I a row? Yeah prolly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Treblt View Post
The full drama team, won with an RNG acid round (they have it highlighted) one match, and lost the next match (which they don't have highlighted...).

The half drama/white noise team got farmed 4 times in a row by Liege, Fir'nen, Jonie and I.
What I don't know if is true or not, is this:

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p.s. Our record against the Drama/White Noise team from ToFN that we heard "creampied" your team was 1-1 But this is just hearsay.
And here's the original post:

A lot of "trash talk" in that thread btw.

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