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I haven't read all the post's so this might be repetitive.

It's important to understand the TRINITY SYSTEM.

this is how the Flash Point groups are created. Their are 2 DPS, 1 Tank, 1 healer and each person has a specific role.

Tanks - They have huge amounts of Hit Points and heavy defensive armor (Defense rating, absorption, ect, ect) and have alot of defensive CD's. they grab the big guys attention while the DPS's kill the lower lvl enemies and work their way up to the big guy.

DPS- these guys KILL THINGS AND THEY KILL THEM FAST. They cause huge amounts of dmg. quickly because all their armor, weapons and CoolDowns are geared towards KILLING THINGS. While the Tank preoccupies the big guy, the DPS's kill everything from least strongest to most while the healer makes sure everybody is staying alive.

Healers- They keep you alive by healing you. It's pretty self explanatory. Tank or DPS starts losing alot of health Healer cast healing spells on the person in need. THE HEALER MUST BE KEPT ALIVE AT ALL COST (this is debatable).

It sounds like you were opting for the Tank position in Groupfinder when you are probably speced or classed for another type of role.

Thats what it sounds like at least.