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Had a fun one just now.

Again, on my healer. Get a pop for Cademimu HM. Me, a great tank, an okay-geared DPS and a pretty badly geared (21k hp) operative DPS.
Now, I have no real issues with bad gear (21k is really pushing it though for HM 55s), but me and the tank agreed to go on and hope some gear drops for him.

First of all, this operative stood at max range, casting nothing but frag grenade and snipe. After noticing this, I call him up on it. He says "I don't wanna pull aggro" (again, 21k geared, casting snipe as an operative. No way in hell he would ever pull aggro from anything, even if the tank told the mob to go for it). Further questioning reveals he "died over 16 times in last run".
Whatever. We carry on.

Few more packs in, me and the tank are really concerned at how slow normal mobs are taking to die. We're like 20 mins in and haven't gotten to a boss yet.
Then I notice a very occasional Kolto Probe from said operative. Upon again calling him out, he reveals he is in healer spec, but is "both healer and dps. I can do both" (emphasis again on the lack of any gear, so even if he was a fantastic player {which he was the antithesis of} he wouldn't have been efficient or good at either healing or damage dealing).
Me and the tank finally start to lose it. But we're still trying our best to be reasonable, and explain to him that while that may be okay while leveling, it certainly doesn't work in flashpoints, especially 55 HMs. After about a 10 minute discussion on roles and healing/dpsing, he claims he has respecced to DPS and urges us to carry on.
He finally starts backstabbing etc now at least.

We get to the first droid boss (eventually), and he proceeds to step into every single box/prison trap thing, and each time claims "****, lag, sorry". (yeah, right). After a heroic effort from the tank, other dps and me, we wipe.
We go again.
And again, he traps himself every time. We wipe, again.
He has the gall to say "if I was healing we'd be ok". Me and the tank just burst out laughing. I'm just sat there with my face in my hands, groaning. After more cheek from this pro heal-dps operative, the tank explains to him that this cannot go on, and we kick him.

We spent about 15-20 mins just talking to him, explaining everything in a clear, concise and helpful manner, but to absolutely no avail. He just couldn't, or wouldn't, understand. He took it too far, in complete denial. The funny thing was that he was so utterly convinced that he could perform better as a healer-dps, in heal/hybrid spec. His conviction was so secure he just wasn't getting it.

Anyways, he proceeds to insult us as he's getting kicked, and goes to ninja-pull the boss as he leaves.

We get a new dps in. While still not amazing, we skipped the bonus boss and finished the FP.

The tank and I exhale in relief, and go our separate ways.
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