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I always wondered about that too! I have got the impression that the troopers sort of look a bit storm troopery at times depending on what they wear. Notice there are no real storm trooper classes on the imperial side, the agent is more like an operative and dresses alot like military officials (like nida etc) rather than cannon fodder.

on the other hand It could be that the rebels in the original trilogy remember this time as a I won't say better time but at least a prosperous time for their neck of the galaxy in terms of political strength. Therefore they may want to evoke that image to gather strength for what they were fighting for.

As for the Clone wars era republic, I'm not exactly sure why they would start to look like their former enemies but It could have something to do with Palpatine or It could just be an enormous coincidence.

Even worse than that, It could be after the fall of the empire, it was either forgotten about or even raided, taking their military ideas