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Welcome DoctorWild!

I was where you are now a year ago. Brand new to MMO's and scared to death to try Group Finder. Trick is to read as many forums and blogs as possible before wading in. was my favorite but that's probably because I'm a Sorcerer Healer and so is she! The advice here is excellent and the only other thing I recommend is to check out another thread in this forum titled "The Weird People You Meet in Group Finder."

Not only is it hilarious at times (e.g "afk butter"'ll see), but it is chock full of stories about people doing the wrong thing in Flashpoints and making other people hate/ignore them! You will learn fast what NOT to do.

May The Force Be With you.

PS - If you're on Harbinger I'd love to team up and heal for ya on the Flashpoints. (T-Durden)