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Thank you everyone for your input and advice, I really appreciate it. Now I just have to get over my developed "fear of using group finder" to put it into good use. Thank you for the help everyone.
While I never have really been kicked I will admit at one time I was the worse healer ever in any MMO. First time I did HM D7 I could not get the group past the final boss. I almost not only quit grouping, I also almost quit TOR. Instead I took time to learn my abilities and learn how to heal and gear before getting into another group. The rest is history, I have been back to HM D7 many times since and have never failed at completing any HM FP I have attempted since, well expect for last night when I quit because of my lag.

If you want to get use to group content before tackling HM 55 Flastpoints, do the HM 50 Flashpoints and the SM 55 Flashpoints, even soloing the Heroic 2+ 55 CSI quest will help increase your rotation and awarness.