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My opinion is this is HM so why bother? Should we have a progression chart for SM and FP's as well? Right now 8/10 bosses are a joke it might be 9/10 but have not re tried the last one in fortress in the last few weeks.

First guilds that zone in will be 8/10 for sure and knowing Bioware the other 2 bosses will get nerfed so i predict many many guilds 10/10 first day so again what's the point of this.
We are volunteering to do this. You don't have to participate. We are not wasting your time by doing it...we are wasting ours and we don't mind.

We did for S&V HM as well and guilds took part.

Doing this also allows us to work through any scoring issues and maybe come to some sort of general consensus on how to score in lieu of NiM progression. A lot less at stake in the HM progression. So if we make scoring mistakes it won't be that big of a deal. And that way we won't repeat them for NiM.
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