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Hello and Welcome to SWTOR,

I will break down my tips by category since I do not know the specific cause for you getting booted multiple times. I will start off with Tips, Basic Tanking Abilities, Mechanics, and Gear Explanation. Everything will be pretty broad and use of the guardian abilities will be used (if I can remember the names).

Location of your abilities on the quick bar
Knowing your Tank Rotation or DPS Rotation
Tank Taunt (threat gainer)-ability used to gain aggro whether over another player or to ensure mobs are attacking you.

Mobs-enemy npcs

Aggro- the amount of threat a player has

DPS/ Healer Threat drop- ability dps/healer players have to drop their threat

Paying Attention to the group- looking for dps users with threat and your healer (mobs attacking your healer can slow and interrupt them healing you.

Guard: ability tanks have to redirect damage to them from another player. (Guard healer unless you have a dps tanking an enormous amount of damage. Guarding a dps will ease the healing your healer has to do thus providing more heals to the group

Rolling Dps to learn mechanics of the fights- most fights require the dps moving out of the bad stuff usually indicated by a big red circle or ground effects. Meaning you have less responsibility in the group. (except doing damage of course) This can be beneficial for you to learn the fights, and watch another tank, and learn from what he/she does and also make improvements or tweak it to you style. Also it is easier to carry a DPS than it is to carry a tank.

Being friendly and announcing at the beginning of the FP you are new. (Generally this helps, because people will either tell you np and help you out or ask you to leave, better than getting the boot I say)

Running the lower lvl version of FPs to understand mechanics

Some of these tips will be mentioned throughout the rest of the reply. If you need help or explanation of anything not covered just shoot me a Private Message. Lets get started.

Basic Tanking Abilities:
Threat Gainer ( Taunts) (Locate in your Ability Bar under Guardian the AOE threat and single target threat abilities)

Explanation: the Tanks role is to take damage and keep aggro of the enemy/enemies targeted. Sometimes this wont happen with big groups. But activation your AOE threat and say Force Sweep (Jug its smash) doing high damage while in tank form will increase the threat and direct enemies to attack you.

Tank Form:
For guardians it is Sorensu Form, Juggs I dont know but read the ability on your Guardian since they are mirror classes it wont be too hard to find.

Hit Mobs (groups of enemies) first (even bosses): Majority of dps players do not care about this so you need to focus on keeping the pace. If you had played MMOs back in the day (lol) there was a respect for tanks and heals since no one wanted to play them and finding a skilled one was rare.

Tanks set the pace. You need to establish this from the very beginning by attacking the first mob (that needs to be attacked) first. Also learn to judge healers if you are attacking say 4 mobs and not losing an ounce of life. Pull more. Quicker is better.

Back to Abilities: Know your defense CDs, the shield that reflects damage, and more but read your spec and abilities to learn what these are. (cds are cooldowns ex. (making this up idk if this is what it says in game) Undying Rush: 99% damage reduction for 30s in small letters 2 min can be seen) This means you can use that ability every 2 mins. Leading me to my next advice.

Press esc/ Go to Main menu in game, click preferences, User Interface, scroll down until you see Cooldown Texts. Turn that on. What style and size you want displayed is up to you. But for your rotation this is beautiful, it will let you know by the tenths of a second when an ability is able to be used again.

Rotation: Learn your rotation, General for tanks it is always your threat grabber first, been awhile since I tanked but for Guardian I would say charge (group of mobs) aoe taunt ,smash, single taunt any enemy outside of the aoe taunt. force slash or w/e group should be dead. Your taunt should always be in your rotation. Personally I dont care if I still have threat unless it is a boss that drops all threat at some point (after an attack or randomly jumps to another player) I am continously taunting. Some dps will not use there aggro dropper. *Tip* if you see an idiot dps Set Focus to him (UI Editor find the box titled focus target enable it). Do the same for target of target. If you get really comfortable you can set up a modifier to target the target of target and use single taunt. Advanced for a beginner but so you can remember down the road.

Fights have mechanics which are predetermined abilities and actions that will happen during an encounter. Learn these. Know these. And figure out when to use your defense CDs to counter to the best of you ability. This can separate a crappy tank from a good tank. Best way to learn mechanics in my opinion is rolling dps and watching the fight unfold. It is a lot easier to notice something when you are not the one doing it lol.

Gear and Stats Explanation:
As stated previously it has been awhile since I PvE tanked in this game. So you will need to figure out the current stat priority Guardian Ex. (do not follow this just an example using guardian stats) Ex. Strength/Endurance/Absorption/Defense/Crit etc.

As for advice from either a guardian/jugg tank in game by /general looking for a geared skilled tank to ask a couple of questions. You should get some response. Do not run with one persons advice. Take into account the advice of say 3 people and see what matches up. Generally geared tanks will know what they are talking about but make sure they are geared. Preferably BiS (might jus want to type that)

See if they will meet you in game as well look at their gear find out what armorings/mods/enhancements they switched. Augments they use. Look at their stats if you can. This is where you want to get to so knowing this will help you in the long run. Plus ask them what to focus on first. Either Defense or Strength, Absorption or Endurance etc.


Learn you role, know what a tank/dps/healers purpose is

Learn your abilities read them and understand them in accordance with your talent tree.

Develop a rotation

Pay attention to the Flashpoint/Operation

Roll DPS/ or learn mechanics of the fights via Youtube/SWTOR Spy/ etc or running low-level fps that you can solo

Be Polite and notify group you are new

Most Importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps and if you have any questions reply or send a PM
"Good tactics can save even the worst strategy. Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy."-General George S. Patton, Jr.