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This was my first MMO too, I have done hundreds of Flashpoints, HMFPs and Operations and until last night I have never been kicked. Even last night I really wasnít kicked, had lag issues and didnít want to be carried so I asked to be kicked and even then I had to beg a little because I have ran with 2 of them before and they were reluctant to kick, but I refuse to be carried.

My advice;

1. Be polite, say hello, goodbye and thank you.
2. Be fair, donít roll need on stuff you do not need.
3. Be respectful, treat others how you want to be treated, donít afk and do your role and allow others to do their roles. Donít pull before tank, if you are there to heal, heal first, dps 2nd. If you want something for a companion, ask before rolling need. Someone makes an inadvertent pull, kill the stuff and donít yell at them. You make an inadvertent pull, kill the stuff and then apologize to the group.
4. Know you class, for HMFPs you donít have to top TORParse leader board or even be great at you rotation, but you do need to generally know your rotation and know your abilities.
5. Personally I donít care if you know the instance or not, but if you donít please donít pretend you do, tell the group you are new to the instance. Then pay attention to their instructions and then do what they tell you to do. If you want to know why you are doing something, well personally I wouldnít ask, I would watch a youtube video afterward if I was really interested.
6. Be geared to the minimum level for the instances, at least.
7. Until you know the instances, keep up with the group. Donít make them wait on you. Gathering crewskill sounds great, but donít unless you know the instance and know you have time to do it. They all run ahead and then you take wrong turn and pull an avoidable mob, someone is probably going to kick you. I have seen people gathering during a HM Ops the first time they were there. Donít do that.
8. Learn to use interrupts. Learn to use defensive cooldowns. Never, ever yell for a healer to heal you (at least donít ask me, I will not let you die, but I will scare you to death if you do).
9. I donít know if people still CC, but if the group does use CCís, donít break them until everything else is dead. Learn kill order, kill stunlockers and enemies that heal. Donít have gold fever as dps. Get stuff off healer.
10. For new players only: Turn on your target of target. If you have a question about what to attack, hit on the other dps and see what they are attacking and kill it.
11. Have fun, donít take everything so serious, if someone else makes a mistake, donít belittle them (even if they did it to you), be the better person and after the instances /ignore them.

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W The way I understand it, you want to try and get your "two main attributes" as high as you can. So strength and endurance are what I need for my two characters right?
You canít help endurance, but donít try for endurance. 1. Strength, 2. Accuracy to 100/110 force, 3. Power (much as possible without taking away strength). 4 Surge 5. Crit (now there is some discussion here so read to figure out where you want to go). Personally I have 325. Surge and between 100 and 150 crit, but this isnít my main or even my main dps. I can only pull about 2300 dps on my knight, so I am average at best, but more than enough for any HMFP and most HM OPS fights.

Not really needed, but if you have the credits, augment with Strength augments, it will improve your dps and also improve what random strangers thing about your gear and it is a easy upgrade.
Basically donít tick of the tank, because they have all the power (says the guy that has no toons that are tanks, but I do have 4 healer).