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Are you surprised? His lack of punctuation, grammar, and paragraph structure should have told you that.

Yes I apologize for the grammar nazi post but people who commit run on paragraphs are as annoying to me as people who scrape their fingernails on chalk boards.
To goggle a guide was not something that came to mind at 1:20 in the morning. I think the exhaustion came to just posting but the guide is much helpful, thank you.

Be a grammar Nazi all you'd like, when your tired grammar is the last thing on your mind. Though the use of the example is a rather poor one you made. who in their right mind would want to scrape fingernails (keratin, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur) against a board? though I'll assume your referring to a chalkboard (granite) and no, the sound of it is annoying but funny, after all it is painful when doing so. please pick a more sensible example. We're not in school here

not here to fight or argue

appreciate the help and the link, thank you
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