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As many of you know SuckaFish handled the progression tracking threads/spreadsheets for NiM TFB and S&V and we're looking to provide a similar option for the upcoming HM raids on Oricon (Dread Fortress and Dread Palace).
I'm starting this thread to gather any suggestions on how to handle some of the problems faced.

Here are some specific points I'm looking for feedback on but feel free to talk about other things.

  • Two Operations - How do we want to handle them both being available at once? At least there's no boss skipping this time.
  • Verification - Screenshots going to be required, UTC clock required also or just a penalty for not providing one?
  • Deterioration - How fast do we want the points to deteriorate after the first kill? By time is better than by number of kills but do we want it to be linear or a curve (steep initially and shallow later).
  • Bonuses - For top 3 kills on any boss providing a bonus, do we want this if so how big?
  • Boss Weighting - More emphasis on later bosses or even throughout?

Here are my answers to the questions for you to agree/disagree with.

You can leave feedback here or message me on this site or on enjin. After about a week or two I'll put together a spreadsheet based off the feedback and make a thread for everyone to post their kills in.
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