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Will a PvE geared player be doing more damage? or less damage?

I most likely won't end up using the PvP gear for Tanking, just wondering how I would stack up compared to other players. What I'd probably end of doing (B/c I don't just randomly queue for PvP) is switching between PvE and PvP gear sets. That cargo hold is good for somethings haha.
The difference between PvP Gear and PvE Gear is expertise, basicslly an items total stats (endurance+aim+defence) is 150, a PvE item will have all that in those three stats. However a PvP item will have some of those points in expertise, meaning that the total endurance, aim and defence is lower then in the PvE item, I would recommend getting some PvP gear when you hit 55 so you won't be ****** geared, but as you continue, get two separate sets =)

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