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We explored the light - nothing there.

DATAMINERS HAVE FOUND - A Krayt_Cave map file in Tatooine. They believe it to be near Mos Ila. We have 5 of us searching the mountain ranges.
Interesting. Perhaps it could be accessable from southern jundland? I'd disagree it's only in Mos Ila, as faction exclusive content would just annoy everyone. I wouldn't mind the trek either considering I have the entire map of tatooine.

By the way - regarding secrets on Tatooine .. What is this blueish thing meant to be which is on the cliffs beneath H4 "Search & Rescue" ?

You can see it much better from the other side of the gap - the side on which there is "Pirate Bullies" located.

It's halfway down the cliff - and my char died once when I tried getting closer to it.

If you look on the map, you can see a triangle on the H4's area - this is supposed to be a very big cloth thing, but it also looks as if one edge of it was almost pointing towards the blueish thing I mean ...

It's coordinates are somewhat close to 488, -1016. And it is deep on the cliffs.
If I reached that oddly colored rock by the cliffs around the willpower datacron, I can sure reach that.
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