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Wow, that was a pretty quick reply.

RIght now I've got a Level 55 Juggernaut and a 55 Guardian. I figured they were the easiest to "start off with" and I did both of them without doing group stuff.

I feel like I've got a "basic understanding" of gear. I'm not equipping myself with Aim and cunning mods etc.. The way I understand it, you want to try and get your "two main attributes" as high as you can. So strength and endurance are what I need for my two characters right? I don't totally understand how surge, critical, and power levels work, and I don't really expect anyone to explain that to me on here.

As far as understanding roles? I went with the middle "damage" skill tree for both of them. And from what I could gather in the small amount of feedback that I have received, I was tanking when I should have been in a damage role. That was pretty much the last time I tried group finder, it was about a month ago. I just got tired of being booted.

Thank you for the web links.
When you first join the group finder and you're playing a tanking capable class (like in your case) both checkboxes for dd (damage dealer) and tank will be checked per default. If you're dd-specced and don't intend to tank the flashpoint (plus do not even have tanking equip) then you have to uncheck the tank checkbox, otherwise you will be expected to be the tank in the group. Basically, if both options are checked (this really shouldn't be on per default imo) you're telling the group finder that you can assume both roles if required. There's always a lack of tanks, so the group likely expected you to tank the FP which you most likely didn't. That's why they've booted you, I presume, so that a real tank could join them.