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This is my first venture into an MMO and I'm having trouble understanding the "code" when it comes to working in groups. I've been booted maybe 7 or 8 times without an explanation as to why I was booted. I'm not trying to post this in here to say that I'm being unfairly booted or anything like that because I'm sure there is a pretty good reason for me to get booted. My problem is that there isn't too many people around on the server that will explain what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it. One of the times I got booted came after the first set of enemies that we encountered. The only advice I've received from anyone is to uncheck the "tank" role in the group finder, that's about it. So I pretty much gave up on doing any of the Flashpoints because of this. I know there are people out there that have played endless hours of these MMO's and understand just about everything about them. But do these people forget when they first started learning this stuff? I mean if they don't want to deal with any "new players" in their group, don't join the group finder, stay with your friend's or guild or whatever. I just wish they were more tolerant, or explain to the new person what they're doing wrong. They don't have to write a novel, just say "you were booted for..." It just sucks that I have to stay with my "class missions" because I know that's not what all of this is about.

If anyone could help me out here, I would greatly appreciate it.
Unsure about why you were booted but when in a group most expect the following:

- You know how to play your class properly and effectively. Check the many guides online for your class if you're unsure.
- You have, at least, the minimum level of gear required for the flashpoint. This is especially true for level 55 hardmode flashpoints where you should have some pieces of basic gear purchasable via basic commendations.
- You know the tactics for the bosses in the flashpoint. Don't expect pick up groups (PuGs) to take the time to explain them to you. If you're unsure watch guides on youtube and/or check out dufly:
- You're pleasant in the group, basic "hi''s" and "thanks for group" go a long way.

Hope this helps you in your future endeavors.