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09.19.2013 , 01:45 AM | #4
Wow, that was a pretty quick reply.

RIght now I've got a Level 55 Juggernaut and a 55 Guardian. I figured they were the easiest to "start off with" and I did both of them without doing group stuff.

I feel like I've got a "basic understanding" of gear. I'm not equipping myself with Aim and cunning mods etc.. The way I understand it, you want to try and get your "two main attributes" as high as you can. So strength and endurance are what I need for my two characters right? I don't totally understand how surge, critical, and power levels work, and I don't really expect anyone to explain that to me on here.

As far as understanding roles? I went with the middle "damage" skill tree for both of them. And from what I could gather in the small amount of feedback that I have received, I was tanking when I should have been in a damage role. That was pretty much the last time I tried group finder, it was about a month ago. I just got tired of being booted.

Thank you for the web links.