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Thx this helped alot but another question what is the taunt power people keep telling me to use it although i am not sure what it is and how to use it if u could help i would very much appreciate it
Taunt is a tank's ability to force one or more enemy mobs to attack him, and no one else.

Powertechs get two such abilities:

- Neural Dart against a single target. 30 m range, 15 sec cool down

- Sonic Missile against a group of targets, centered around the enemy you hit with it. 30 m range, 45 sec cool down

Both taunts last six seconds.

Typical situations for their use:

- you fight a boss, he calls a group of mobs, and one or more of them go after the healer of your group. Target one and fire off Sonic Missile. The mobs will turn around and attack you instead.

- you fight an enemy, and he suddenly turns away from you and attacks a party member instead,e.g. a DpS player. Using Neural Dart on him will make sure he leaves the DpS alone and turns back on you.


In order to tank successfully as a Powertech, you must be have your Ion Gas Cylinder turned on, and should have most of your skill points in the Shield Specialist tree.