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I know I saw a post like this somewhere but I have no luck finding it so I'll start a new.

Tonight was an FP run with some guildies and we decided to do Red Reapor. Now we start out alright except for the lag issues that appeared and its not possible four people suffer that at the same time through. so we ignored it and pressed on where the lag did die off as we got to the first boss and would pop up a bit after. Boss fights were no problem, lag free, no bugs etc. we clear our way to ikora. fight starts out pretty good until his chosen/healers pop in. we tried killing them and ikora off (we had to rotate when no ones health moved) got a bit frustrated and backed off from the fight and replanned our strategy. plan was to kill the healers while tank would keep ikora's attention and healer dishing out heals on the dps. both dps on one healer to make It faster, so we started the fight again and as planned the healers show up for ikora and we go to do our thing and move to kill them off. (this is where we got fed up) as were attacking the healers and ikoras the issue again appeared, No ones health was dropping lower. At first we thought this is ridiculous but then I noticed and pointed out to my gulidies that both Ikoras chosen/healers have3.5 mill health (whats up with that?) weve been hitting those guys for about an hour and their health did go down, it dropped to 2.6 mill and that was attacking one healer. I'm not sure exactly if it was a bug or a glitch but they're not even world bosses to even have the kind of health. we dropped the FP because how the hell are we going to knock down 2 healers with 3.5 mill health? ... I don't think we want to spend a day or two on that and we even switched the dps to lvl 55 to see any difference and again there was no change. we dropped and picked up the FP again and no change whatsoever. I'm not one to complain and honestly have no reason too but this however is not in any way intended to be playable in the way that fight is set. My only question is, Bioware can you please fix that issue? the rest of it is fine minus the lag which could also be fixed but that fight is not passible with that kind of situation. I don't think people are going to spend a whole day trying to kill those kind of healers and run into whatever add with insane health.
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