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09.18.2013 , 06:24 PM | #10
Skipping bonuses on pre-55 normals or HMs often saves quite a bit of time, but on the 4 main 55 HMs it's pretty much the same whether you skip or not, with the exception of groups with double stealth or a really practiced stealther/arch on Athiss.

I'll generally ask the group whether they want to do the bonus or not, and more often than not I'll give my vote over to whoever seems to have the strongest opinion either way. For leveling FPs, I prefer to do the bonus for XP but never complain about skipping since most groups are slow or inexperienced to begin with. For 50 HMs I usually lean towards skipping since they take so long for so little benefit, unless the whole group really wants it. For most 55 HMs I prefer to do the bonus whether I need it or not, since usually at least one person does.