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I have about 10 lvl 55 by now and they way I do it is just leveling up and using the drops I get, if possible I try to run lvl 50 operations or/and flashpoints and by that get some gear. Dread Guard gear is nice pre-55 but it won't help you that much more then common drops, I find it more simple to just do some lvl 50 flashpoints (if you are a tank you are gonna get some fast pop).

PvP gear does hold it's own against Basic Gear, however note that there is a wast difference between the DPS of a PvP geared player and a PvE geared player, I normally tend to do very few warzones during leveling but if you enjoy it, do it but don't spend the commendations unless you really have it. If you save up some, the relics/implants/earpiece that you can get is a p sweet and fast upgrade when you hit 55, from that point just join Story Mode raids, pref. with a guild that you are in (join one if you aren't already in one) so you can also learn tactics and general raiding rules.

If you end up with a mil or so when you hit 55, buy some stuff from GTN, normally people put up barrels, armorings, mods and **** for like 20k-30k and that way you can have a decent gear when you hit 55 without having to lift a finger.

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