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Usually spending as much time avoiding as it would take to just kill the trash in the first place. So the only time you are really saving is the 3-5 minutes killing the bonus boss itself.
This is not true, speed run through hammer station does not require any additional effort. If you just run through you will be about 30 kills short for bonus. This is just one example that suggests you have not verified the information you are posting.

last night I was part of a group that zipped through Battle of Ilum in a very short time. We have used some cc but we did reduce the time by significant amount. One DPS did not approve of that and quit the group but it did not have any impact on the result of the run. I would rather speed run any FP twice than do one full run within the same amount of time.

Bottom line, we can agree to disagree and each one of us will do what they seem more appropriate. It is, however not true that you do not save time by avoiding bonus content.