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09.18.2013 , 09:28 AM | #108
So for being a loyal subscriber I get:

No Cartel Coins for my pre purchase of RoTHC
No Bonus coins that returning subs are getting.

Unclear if we get the pet/speeder?

Ok, so you would think they would want to keep their subscribers happy but they are doing the same thing SOE did with Starwas Galaxies. Alienating their current player base in hopes of attracting a new source of income from players who already left the game because they didn't want to pay for it in the first place?

Reality of this situation is almost laughable. Players pay 15$ to come back and sub for a month and then let it lapse again because they only did it for the fluff. While the alienated loyal customers are now seeing the benefit for only subscribing when the fluff happens.

I don't know who your marketing genius's are, but I would 'advise' them to give any of the fluff gifts you are giving to returning players to your loyal subscribers, because the lack of interest you show in your loyal subscribers is disturbing.

Yes I enjoy the content updates (when they happen) no, I do not benefit from your gambling packs, Yes I enjoy the bug fixes.

However all of your fluff subscribers are getting what I am getting, only they stop paying for it one month later.
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