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09.18.2013 , 09:17 AM | #858
After waiting for around a hour in DPS group finder, FINALLY i get a match for Red Reaper. Not my favorite place but I know mechanics of the the place well. On the first room, if you get near the hallway door about 7-9 silvers will appear and wreck you to pieces.

So Im waiting on the loading screen and as soon as I get in, I see the Commando Healer dps or tank with him, running to that hallway. Of course within 4 seconds he's down. He quits the FP right after he dies.. So now finally the tank and other DPS load in, to find those silvers barreling down at us. We promptly wipe. And after waiting 6 minute for a replacement ,we all leave.

I whispered him later asking him whats his deal was, he told me "I had to run so wanted to troll a bit".

What a frickin waste of an hour waiting in that awful GF for some Commando A-Hole to ruin it all.

Later i get matched with him again on Colicoid games but this time on my tank char, ( he's qued as dps this time)
I'm somewhat vindictive and ******es like these piss me off. So me not being a bigger person. Told the healer this story and asked him for his cooperation in messing with Commando A-Hole. So in collaboration
we let him die, Every. Chance. We. Got.

Commando A-Hole start's raging "why the hell aren't you healing/protecting me?"
I kindly reminded him of his previous actions in Red Reaper. "Screw You" he says and leaves.

petty yes but oh so satisfying. =)