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I don't see this having been mentioned, but if whoever has picked up the generator holds it till there are a few seconds left on the timer before plugging it in again at the new spot, you can pick up some DPS time.

Another small spot of DPS is on the first position, if you kill the first set of adds, and ignore the second, there is not enough time for them to kill the generator before it runs out. They can be dragged to the next spot, and aoed down on the boss.

I have tanked several of the Nightmare bosses on my Vanguard alt. I've never worried about my DPS. If you are hitting enrage, (a mechanical enrage in this case), either your DPS is low, or something about your strat has reduced your time on target. Looking to tanks for DPS always seems a little suspect, though I do understand that in this case it's a proactive tank looking to push his group over the top.

That being said, anything you can do to increase your DPS without losing mitigation is great. It's when people start to actually lose mitigation that I start to raise my eyebrows.
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