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My imperial guild was stuck at Styrak for about 2 weeks when we were progressing Hard Mode, so this is one fight that I know (unfortunately) very well...

So some things to note: (Having all your dps at least with adrenals really helps this fight FYI)

1- Hard enrage is at 8 minutes, and the clock starts when the first Kell Dragon jumps down from the throne.

2- If you haven't killed the Kell Dragon within around 120s (2 minutes), beating enrage is going to be very difficult. (If you have a tank-choking add up with anywhere near 100k left on the Dragon, ignore it and kill the dragon to avoid another spines phase.)

3- The Kell Dragon takes 10% damage while in "Spines" phase, so don't blow any big dps/long cooldowns while he is spinning.

4- After the Kell Dragon is dead, presumably you have 6-ish minutes left on your enrage timer. When Styrak appears the first time, this is the longest uninterrupted dps window you will have on him, so pour that the damage on.... healers can help here too, since there isn't a lot of damage.

5- The first Chained Manifestation is the roughest, since it's timed badly with the Nightmare Manifestation, so you will most likely be short 1 dps, so the healers and tanks really have to push it for the first one.

6- Lightning Manifestation - It helped us to assign locations to 4 players. (1 Tank North, 1 Tank South, 1 DPS East, 1 DPS West) - The healers and 2 ranged DPS would stay in the middle. One of the ranged in the middle would target the North add and the other targets the South add. They get burned fast, then switch to the East/West to polish them off fast. (If you take too long, someone is going to get one-shotted, so they all have to die fast.)

7- Push the most dps you can on Styrak whenever he is out. Every little bit counts. Total Damage Dealt in this fight is meaningless, it's all about EFFICIENT DAMAGE on Kell Dragon -> Styrak -> Rez'd Kell Dragon -> Styrak.

8- Rinse/Repeat until Styrak hits 15%. This HAS to occur BEFORE he starts the 5th Nightmare/Chained cycle. If you hit a 5th cycle, you WILL enrage around the same time as he revives the Kell Dragon, and you WILL die.

9- At 15% Styrak will revive the Kell Dragon right where is standing. The whole group needs to move back towards the cave entrance (not all the way back, just enough to put some space between the dragon and Styrak). The tank will pull the dragon away from Styrak, BECAUSE if your AoE's hit Styrak during this phase, you take damage and will die. ALSO - the Kell Dragon has a buff that he deals more damage from range, so everyone should be stacked and the healers drop puddles/aoe heals. The 2nd Dragon has no frontal/cleave, but does deal a bit of damage. However, he also takes roughly double-damage so burning him shouldn't take too long. (Tanks need to swap aggro during this phase, because they will take a stacking debuff that will melt them pretty quickly if they don't swap.)

10- Once the revived Kell Dragon is dead, the entire team needs to stack under the ledge by the cave entrance where you came in, and the tanks tank-swap every time Styrak switches targets. (not unlike the Furious Tantrum phase at The Terror, only you are also dealing with stuns.)

If you've done it right, and met all your time markers, if Styrak enrages at all, it should be sub-5% and he is fairly easy to burn at that point.

If you are consistently seeing your DPS break the 1.1 to 1.2M damage dealt mark, it means you are taking too long, and the dps isn't high enough. The cleanest my guild has done this fight, was enrage at 2%, and only one of our dps had above 1M total damage dealt. You really should be seeing all 4 of your dps in the 900-950k range, assuming your tanks aren't pushing really low numbers, and the healers are pitching in.

Hope this helps! Our guild went from being completely unable to clear him at all, to one-shotting him, just by tightening everything up, and one person in the raid calls out all mechanics, when to use adrenals, relics and dps damage buff cooldowns. Now it's pretty trivial.
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