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09.17.2013 , 10:46 AM | #1
During phase 2 on the third set on tentacles. when you defeat the second tentacle and push TFB into his Furious Tantrum, will any remaining Anomalies despawn or do we need to deal with them before killing the 2nd tentacle. I know for the first and 2nd set of tentacles the anomalies will despawn as we push him into his Irregularity phase. Just wondering if it is also true for the third set. My group is now surviving the mechanics of the fight. Just need to find somewhere to tighten up our dps. Been losing due to enrage timer just before he gets to furious tantrum.

We have been having our dps focus 1 tentacle at a time with 2 of our dps prioritized to the anomalies. Once the first Anomaly spawns off the first tentacle we have 1 dps break off to kill it. for the 2nd anomaly at 25% we send our second anomaly dps. we generally have both dps dealing with the 1st anomaly that spawns off the 2nd tentacle then return to the tentacle. the 2nd anomaly from the 2nd tentacle gets ignored as it despawns once both tentacles have been delt with.