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Had a fun one the other day. Healing on my fairly new and undergeared 55 sorc and get HM Czerka Labs. Have a solid tank and an op and a sniper for dps. Things seem to be dying pretty slowly and I notice op is staying outside of melee range. I think this is a bit strange, but don't say anything. Get to droid boss, enrages at about 30%, have a really beefy jugg tank, so healing it wasn't much of a problem, but trying to figure out what's up with our dps?

Continue on and get to Chief. Again, long slow fight and the last phase with the rocket launcher, I and the dps are getting 1 shot when we don't quite make it out of the rocket in time. While laying dead, I notice op has recuperative nanotech on him..... So I ask if op is specced heals? He tells me he is, but claim it's OK. I let him know he'll get better dps if he respecs into dps tree, to which he responds "I"m doing fine, my attacks are hitting for 2K". That was when he started getting defensive and told me I was a bad healer because people were dying from 30K hits (tank was the only one with 30K+ hp). I ask if he wants to heal and me respec dps, he says he's doing fine dps if I can just heal better. I finally convince him to just heal, I respec dps and boss goes down fairly easily. On the kill though, I got 1 shot by a rocket, so I guess he wasn't that much better of a healer than me afterall.
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