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09.17.2013 , 08:24 AM | #855
Not about GF, but similar: I've just finished daily mando's FP with my lvl 23 sorc when I saw in general dude was yelling "pls help with Cademimu, need 1 more". Stupid as I am, I've whispered him what's the problem and he answered "nothing, It's just more fun with 4". Ok, I've joined group in progress, never to much fun, right?
So there were lvl 32 merc with 7K HP, lvl 38 and one more, lvl 26 if I remember right. I've asked who's the healer cause I'm DPS sorc and merc said "I'm the healer and DPS and tank, I have to do all by myself or else we'd sitting and waiting half hour for attacks". Huh? Well in FP's everyone have their roles, as I recall that's not just btw but ok, lemme see this gaming art.
Aaaand of course smart one left group, we got another one who obviously wasn't hardcore player and he was just quiet, doing his job good and without words. But merc... I was laughing so hard I missed keyboard buttons several times watching him jumping around like crazy monkey, healing, DPSing, tanking... just name it. Not to mention his comments in chat.
Anf of course we got wiped out which was our fault cause he "was in Cademimu 25th time and never had problems till now".
Anyway, I've ended as a healer (with lightning tree hah) and somehow we managed to finish it.
Why I didn't left the group? Cause I was to curious how It'll end and I've had a really good time haha