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My guild is on Styrak atm and we get Styrak to enrage when 2nd Dragon comes.
Im wondering where we can put out 5+ more % of damage.

1. When the channeling guy comes during the Dragon phase, do you jump him with all your dps or just a few or even only 1? Cause as it is now we let our melee dps be on the Dragon and let our 2 ranged dps take care of both the channeling guy and the strangeling guy.
Depends on set-up/output. Usual 1-2 rDPS can deal with them. In most runs I have DPSed they melt in about 3 GCD's.

2. When the 4 channeling guys comes (north, south, east, west) we let our 2 tanks go close to 2 of them and our melee dps to the other 2 while our ranged dps and healers stand in mid and just dps them down.
Exactly, guardian should use their saber reflect to kill them quicker. Strongest rDPS needs to kill the one on which main tank is so he has time to get back to middle.

3. Should Inspiration be popped as soon as its off CD or should just save it for specific moments?
I believe in using it right after first dragon spin, and then on cooldown (right after four adds phase). Also adrenals etc. on cooldown after 4 adds phases. You really do no want to see any enrage.
Also what I have been trying lately - everyone pops defensive cooldowns right when the resurrected dragon dies - tanks, DPS, healers - they will be up through most of the burn phase. You move with the dragon right into the entrance. He will stun one tank with saber throw but with defensive cooldown it doesn't do much if he's not enraged and is survivable when enraged.

With 2 tanks it's much less healing intensive and less prone to RNG like eg. the only tank going into nightmare (although this can be survived too).

To be honest the more I do this fight the more I like it. It's fun, has different stuff in it, demanding for all roles and really good usage of various abilities can make massive difference.
What I noticed and I think it's massive mistake that people do is using flybies on the chained manifestation if they are not pre-cast. People usually start to cast them when it's already up - but then it will be dead before the flyby is ended - that is DPS loss. I have seen same in other places like adds on Thrasher where flybies are huge overkill. It's all matter of understanding all mechanics and abilities in the game
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