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I had a couple of sick days and decided to spend them gathering the data I used to track for the character index. So I caught up on 695 posts and discovered that only a few weeks ago we passed 1500 stories, and are now already at 1567 (not counting a few new ones during the creation of this post that I was too exhausted to include)! Anyway, all of this means…stats!

We've hosted 63 authors writing a whopping 1,361,388 words. By volume that's equivalent to the entire Harry Potter series, plus The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring.

Our previous milestones were at 500 and 1000 stories. The 1500th story was YoshiRaphElan's Collections with Quinn and his awards.

Longest: Still Ereiniel's Teachers and Heroes entry, with 5676 words. The longest multi-post story is DarthSillyMonkey's Waking the Sleeping Reaper, which weighs in at 23551 words. (It seems Bounty Hunters inspire volumes.)
Shortest: irishfino's There's No Off Switch with Aldrdinar. Unless you're counting Nalenne's single-word contribution to bright_ephemera's four-part Tauntaun Roundup. (It seems Sith Warriors can get to the point pretty quick when they want to.)
The Old Faithful Club: Striges and kabeone have posted at least one story per month ever since the SFC was founded!

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