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09.17.2013 , 07:33 AM | #103
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The 1050 CC was not a bonus, it was a store credit refund for last 30 day purchasers..

This 500 just for reactivation makes ZERO sense. Well, yes, it's an INCENTIVE for old subs, but it's also a bit like saying "You shoulda gone f2p and came back now instead of subbing all the time." Weird. So it's very understandable for old subs to be invited back, but...

I mean, does it make any sense for the current subscribers? Hell no.

I subbed since launch for god's sake, and so far, only bonus I've seen is an extra 30 days they granted back in Feb 2012 or something. Aside from that, it's been "shaft the subber, stroke the freebie" all the way.

Would I unsub? No, coz I love this game and it's currently best all around MMO on the market, but sure as hell not happy to get whipped all the time.

Bioware's dear community managers, take notice of this fact:

We of those who supported and understood the 1050 CC refund and old buyers of RotHC not getting anything, ARE getting angry over this.

That should show your marketing department that this latest 500 bonus to resubbing players is a BAD BAD move.

Real bad. Like, totally, really bad.
This is about how I feel about this. Once you piss off enough of your long term players, they will leave though, and then where will we be.

Thanks for Title though I guess.