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09.17.2013 , 03:19 AM | #14
My guild is on Styrak atm and we get Styrak to enrage when 2nd Dragon comes.
Im wondering where we can put out 5+ more % of damage.

1. When the channeling guy comes during the Dragon phase, do you jump him with all your dps or just a few or even only 1? Cause as it is now we let our melee dps be on the Dragon and let our 2 ranged dps take care of both the channeling guy and the strangeling guy.

2. When the 4 channeling guys comes (north, south, east, west) we let our 2 tanks go close to 2 of them and our melee dps to the other 2 while our ranged dps and healers stand in mid and just dps them down.

3. Should Inspiration be popped as soon as its off CD or should just save it for specific moments?