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I'm playing tank and sniper (cleaned HM content with both) and in fact current FP need's more guard on the dps than on the heal:
- dps is often pulling before tank
- dps doesn't use threat reduction
- dps is attacking different target than tank
- dps likes to give full burst to take agro and have a "big one"

When I play tank I hate it but when I play sniper I do the same...

And during this time heal has no risk to be focussed by the ennemies.
Amen to that ... I love to use valorious call as opener to get insta zen. Usually this will rip the aggro off the tanks. As a tank I hate it too when dps arent carefull (in flashpoints trashmobs).
Bossfights are a whole different story. I dont care if they overaggro me, I use taunting as part of the rotation. You have taunts, why not use them? Even if they rip a taunt will give you their aggro plus an extra bonus threat.
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