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Hmmm, Bruh being Hrrr? My view on you took a beating there, man. Too much stat padding....too much..

I'm also a bit offended that someone would think that was me, not that there's anything bad about getting mixed up with Bruh but because I think he "ego'ed" too many games on Hrr....and I did /say rage a few times on him too in games where I felt that his team could have easily have won if he had been more interested in the objective.
Hah yeah sounds like me. Padding and tabbing. Also I'm a "badie", "tunneling wh0re" but the best one I got in a civil war was "no way, tojtl is so much better than you" when I claimed to beat Tojtl in duels. I see you are disappointed in me, but I've never claimed to be a grand champion of anything, and I never will. It seems like we got other people taking that job! I'm just here to tickle corvegos.