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09.16.2013 , 09:02 PM | #248
Hmmm, Bruh being Hrrr? My view on you took a beating there, man. Too much stat padding....too much..

I'm also a bit offended that someone would think that was me, not that there's anything bad about getting mixed up with Bruh but because I think he "ego'ed" too many games on Hrr....and I did /say rage a few times on him too in games where I felt that his team could have easily have won if he had been more interested in the objective. I somewhat get that he would stat pad while pugging/leveling on the imp side, odds are that everyone els sucked at DPS, but even then I usually take a step back and try to work toward the objective, regardless of how futile it may be. You can just look at that one game where a person in here had 2300 dps on sage while I only had 1900'ish. I'm willing to bet money that I would have had close to 2500 if my intention was stat padding but I spent my time single targetting healers instead and naturally ended up with lower dps (they kept running, Los'ing etc) . Had that other person done the same we might have actually killed a few of them. And that was a game that was a given win but even then I'm not going to stray from my original game plan. Also, I never tunnel or look for 1 vs 1 scenarios unless I absolutely have to and it serves a purpose, I despise both, but it's seemingly the only way of making a name for yourself in this game.