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It looks like patch 2.3.3 brings a few fixes to achievements, including the following:

Weak and Standard enemies now count properly towards the following Coruscant Achievements to defeat Black Sun members:
  • Bloody the Black Suns
  • Beating the Black Suns
  • Black Suns Asunder
  • Black Supernova

Made several text corrections to Achievement descriptions.
Republic players are now able to obtain the Codex entry for "The Invasion of Balmorra" inside of the Balmorran Arms Factory.
Black Sun kills were previously only counting for strong and above, not just any Black Sun NPC, so that should make farming the 500 kills for those achievements easier. I didn't have problems with it post 2.0, though I've read reports of some individuals experiencing trouble getting the The Invasion of Balmorra for the Republic Loremaster of Balmorra achievement, so that should be achievable for everyone now.

One other update of relevant regarding the Seeker Droids, if you've been putting off digging for Deadseed/Starforager armor and speeder parts since they broke it like I have:

Galactic Solutions Industries has performed a code upgrade on the Seeker Droid to improve its seeking abilities with the following features:

Improved sorting algorithm to disregard junk items and leave them buried in the ground.
  • Crafting database update to only provide useful crafting materials from Secure Crates.
  • Improved digging algorithm to unearth new Special Treasures.
  • Triangulation Enhancers for the Seeker Droid have been improved through advanced GSI research, and the Mark I and Mark II Enhancers now last for 30 minutes.

The Galactic Trade Network has had an inventory audit and now accepts GSI Speeder parts. (The Pleasure Speeder Visual Amplification Device remains exclusively in GSI's control.)
Non-Pleasure Speeder parts were always tradable via the trade window, though it looks like you won't have to wait for someone spamming on fleet to purchase these anymore. The other improvements to the Seeker Droids will hopefully make digging for the rest *slightly* less painful than it is on live right now.

Quote: Originally Posted by Aignox View Post
Is there something planned for pvp achievements as 55 players killed (50x), 10 solos (50x), or 20 shots as fatal for either made ​​do not care to make the bg, either it's almost impossible to do (55kills door Gree) then do 50 on each bg, it would take years?
Of success as not to die of bg,defense , goal ...than current or same but with smaller requests.

I ask because here on the forum fr it nothing happens.
In response to this, yes, a number of the PvP achievements seem poorly designed. While some maps you shouldn't have a problem grinding a few 55 kill games occasionally (Voidstar), some of the other warzones don't make it easy with their layout, and require that: 1) the other team's skill level is less than your team's, 2) the other team doesn't have many healers, 3) the warzone isn't so dominated by one side or another than it ends too quickly (see most Novare Coast games), 4) honestly, a bit of luck, no matter your skill. Now, I think 55 kills is doable on all maps for many folks, but the correct conditions are incredibly rare. 20 killing blows requires a bit of luck by itself as well and similar conditions to above. 10 solo kills, however, is a bit insane, unless warzones are double the length that they currently are now. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with any of these achievements, among my server's best players who I achievement check (and many don't even have all of the 5 solo kills achievements).

Not sure why there weren't any objective-based achievements, or anything for protection (for tanks), not that I want to re-grind warzones for new achievements.

I would suggest, Ygnox, that you try to grind 10-29 PvP for some of these, since the average skill level of players is lower, and there are fewer and less effective healers at that level. Ranged DPS are especially deadly in this PvP bracket.