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I've never claimed anything in this game because it is in fact a game and I play it for enjoyment. SWTOR =\= life, and if it did/does to you then fair enough - I'm not here to judge.

What I will say on the matter however is that like Gerikke I have been sought after by many top teams, even before ranked warzones were introduced (you will remember this yourself, Feta) and I have stayed in those guilds (extreme, fubar, drama, coral fyi) until they died - with the exception of Drama because:
  1. I had got a job working nightshift, which meant I couldn't play all the days Drama wanted me to play;
  2. At the time of being in Drama the Marauder spot was contended by another when I could play;
  3. And because I wasn't playing with Drama as regularly as I had liked I had decided that after two of the original people I'd moved there with from FUBAR had decided to stop playing (you, Feta, and Xzarnyan) that I'd make my own move to another team who'd never really sought me out (hai Coral) and play for them, casually, when I could.

If being sought out by other teams is the same thing as the Dunning-Kruger effect then yes, it applies to me.

Calling me outright delusional is just bad play from you Feta, I would have expected more from you than that, considering our history (HEX DROID REPRESENT), however allow me to re-quote my original post:

Notice the highlighted segment in bold: the statement suggests present tense, and therefore you have failed in the interpretation of my original message - last I checked you did not play ^^ - and your entire reply, in fact your entire involvement in this thread, just shows how far this community has fallen when it has to resort as desperately as it has to the past and the need of acknowledgement from it even now when there is but a slither of the players left from those days.

Don't you have anything better to do? Like, I dunno, spacebot levelling and getting banned? Hehehoho, yes I went there. Fucĸ your delusions.
/honorary salute for Hex Droid. Dang, I miss the one-in-a-lifetime-event that was when a warzone actually popped in the afternoon...

RIP in pieces, you magnificent server...
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