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09.15.2013 , 11:57 PM | #12

We have deployed a new update to version 2.0 of our desktop application! If you ALREADY have the application installed, you need to either a) open the application, copy the download link, and open the link in a browser - or b) simply click on this link and update the program:

If you do NOT have the application, you will need to do a full install from our distribution link - info is found in this spoiler:

We have done a massive design change and we have started work on the custom desktop display of the database - it is very awesome! An image of the application (without the database open) is:

Current change log info:
  • Changed application workspace design
  • Removed the option to report bugs
  • Autoupdater has been introduced to alert users of updates
  • Framework for new tools have been added to the source code
  • Framework to check if your PC has a VOIP program for a certain guild you are looking at in the database - if you do not have it (say Ventrilo), you will be alerted and directed to the VOIP installers!

Thank you everyone for your love and support! Please keep posting your comments about the desktop application!
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