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OK here it is took me a long while to get here but this is my "enemy"

Also for those that haven't seen the show in the links and want to avoid the last link its a major spoiler.

First must establish the world. The world in which this person lives on is incredibly primitive the most advanced things they have is the steam engine and hot air balloon's along with fantastic metal working. In this world they have not discovered chemistry yet and believe the world to be made up of only 4 elements Water, Earth, Fire and Air. Each portion of the world has adopted one of these "elements" as a part of their culture and the force sensitives born in each region believe that they can manipulate the element of their nation through martial arts thus their powers. because of the lack of powerful technology the most common weapons are melee weapons embewed with the force.

Those of the Fire nation can use incredibly powerful Alter Enviroment, Tutanimis and Force Lightning skills. Their Alter Enviroment skill is used solely for heating things up and they have both great control and great power with this ability literally able to heat the sky so much that fire is shot from their hands. Essentially this Obviously the standard increased reflexes do to seeing things just before they happen and the martial arts training is a given

Those of the Water nation can also use Atler Enviroment but only use it to affect the forms of water as they believe that is all they can do, changing its form from Ice to mist to liquid at a whim instantaneously. They also have the power of force healing and can heal most any wound near instantly. Of course incredibly powerful telekinetics are also part of their powers but most believe that they can only manipulate water though some have manipulated other things with the exuse that they were just moving the water inside that thing not realizing they were actually stepping into the larger world of telekinetics. A rare few have learned to telekinetically control others by bending the water inside the blood of the person. Though many can not do so with out a powerful force Nexus. Essentially this

The people of the earth nation are also Master telekinetics but they to are limited in the belief they can only move rock, sand or things made of "earth". They also have some skill in force empewed strength at varrieing levels of strength with very minor when used against people but incredibly powerful when they are knowingly using it against the only "element" they think they can affect. A few have learned the ability to use the force to sense their surrounding by feeling the vibrations in the earth, as well as even manipulating Metal the same way they do stone.

Essentially this

There is only one person left from the Air nation and he not only mastered his peoples style which was a powerful Variant on Alter Enviroment where large whirlwinds and gusts of air were easy to summon for them along with force pushes, pulls and force waves. force flight was particularly simple for them. As well as being capable of incredible feats of Force speed. Essentially this This person was also known by this world as the "Avatar" thus allowing him learn all 4 of the nations styles in addition to this he also learned to Sever some ones connection to the force if he got his hands on them. In addition he has millions of powerful force ghosts living inside him and when he calls on their power his abilities increase drastically. He is a genuinely good person and because of this Luke would hold back but he may see Luke as a threat to the balance of the world. He will never kill as it is not his way but he will do anything to restore balance he fights with a force embewed staff. Essentially this

When I said it was Avatar the last airbender inspired I mean a total rip off using the logic that was used as to why the nightsisters "magic" was different .